Primitive American Culture – Assignment Example

The paper "Primitive American Culture " is a wonderful example of an assignment on culture. American culture is quite diverse as it is composed of multiple cultures. The phenomenon of multiculturalism is quite known in America because of the presence of many cultures on one land. America is a multicultural land as there are Afro-Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Latino-Americans and many more, who contribute towards development of American culture as a whole. In America, we can find Chinese, Spanish, Africans, Japanese, Indians, Pakistanis, French, Middle Eastern and many more from various countries of the world. People usually migrate to the United States of America for various reasons such as economic stability, education, better resources, and future growth. America is also regarded as the land of the opportunities, which offers to its people various opportunities to grow and prosper. Therefore, the American culture as a whole is quite rich in terms of its values, customs, traditions, society, and religion. Culture can be judged by means of religion, lifestyle, literature, music, foods, arts, and architecture, language, fashions, behaviors, rituals, and symbols employed by individuals of a society (Tyler 1974). As America has people from various other lands, therefore, the culture that is called American culture has diversity and variety in it. We can find many people believing in different religions, liking different foods, speaking different languages along with English and following different fashions according to their tastes and likings. To be an American or be a part of America requires one to understand the diversity that is found in American culture. Not only one should understand the cultural multiplicity but should also accept its values and offerings with an open heart. America can be regarded as a mini world in terms of its culture.