Johnny Panic and The Bible of Dreams – Assignment Example

The paper "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams " is an outstanding example of an assignment on literature. To be discussed here is the title story taken from the collection of Sylvia Plath’s short stories, prose and diary excerpts named Johnny Panic & the Bible of Dreams. What makes Sally, the narrator of the story, get lost in dreams and copy them out whenever she encounters people who come to the clinic for counseling and what does her lake dream signify? Sylvia has, basically, tried to portray the fear nurturing in the heart of the narrator- fear of being led and controlled by foreign supremacy or, more specifically, by male chauvinism, and fear of not being able to fit in the typical society. This fear leads Sally to make up her own dreams and copy other people’s dreams too. She makes up her own dream lake where she gets lost when she suffers through any pressures and hard influences from outside, or experiences gender prejudice. She actually tries to escape from harsh realities by creating an imaginary lake where she tries to find peace or perhaps tries to redesign the brutal society by means of dreams and imagination. The dream lake imagined by her signifies her struggle to find the contentment that life should have offered her and shows her deepest wish to find her existence as a human being regardless of gender differences and natural, social or rational influences. But this lake of dreams carries dragons at its bottom which signifies the narrator’s fear of incompleteness of pleasure. She can sense her fear and insecurity even in her imagination. However, she thinks that this imaginary lake is still better than those waters (which signify real life) which are guarded by the suburbs and fences (which signify social pressures and gender influence).