Field Trip to Apple Store in Canada – Assignment Example

The paper "Field Trip to Apple Store in Canada" is a good example of an assignment on business. This is an investigative report of a business focusing on s from different countries. The report gives details on the company’s pre-conditions for a visit by students. The report provides elaborate explanations on timing; the size of the group allowed and estimated expenses. Such field trips serve educational purposes that are necessary for the development of student’s professionalism

Field Trip to Apple Store (Canada)
Use of time within the business premise
The very friendly management team allows each event within the premise to accommodate a total of 25 students. It is interesting to learn that company employees are always ready to take students through various processes within the business premise. In this case, the store allows students to create their projects and showcase their creative inventions. The company provides such creative students with required hardware and software as necessary. Various field trips within the premise especially “showcase” last one hour, while “Create” Field Trips are allowed a total of one and a half hours. In cases of event cancellation, the Apple store is contacted not less than three days before the scheduled date. However, the arrival time for students is expected to be fifteen minutes before the agreed time. This serves the purposes of allowing enough time for setup (Apple Store Inc, 2014).

Important Requirements
This is one of the best places since students are often allowed to use their creativity on the spot while within the stores. Additionally, all creative works are displayed in the store on behalf of students hence making the store serve as a marketing center for creative inventions. The staff is always stand-by to provide on-the-spot advice, therefore, making the whole experience enjoyable. Additionally, all participants visiting an apple store are given free T-shirts and also personalized e-mail invitations supplied to teachers and friends (Apple Store Inc., 2014).

Purpose of the trip
Your students actually need to visit the premise since such trip will encourage students’ creativity since they are able to exercise their skills practically within the real-world set-up. There is also a chance of exploring company products in details, therefore, gaining extra knowledge on digital applications. Have a look at the charges, very much affordable to students, no reason to miss such an experience.

Field Trip to Asharqia Chamber Organization
Asharqia Chamber is one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest and well-established organizations. Interestingly, the Chamber promotes business activities within the private sector, therefore, contributing to the economy of the country. Their practices will enhance students’ knowledge of best management practices. This is since the organization has a number of promotional and developmental services for the purposes of providing support to the initiates of the private sector, trade, and services (Modigliani and Miller, 2003).

Group Size and Time Use
The huge benefit lies in the fact that the organization can accommodate a total of thirty students per visit, and the visits usually last for more than two hours. It is amazing that students are able to identify various marketing strategies behind the company’s brand image in the market. This is what determines the company’s current position, future development and progress within the market. Students are given opportunities to acquire knowledge concerning brand elements of the company that include an encouraging statement to the private sector within the economy (Asharqia Chamber, 2013).

Purpose and educational value
This is very important since the visit makes it easier for students to understand and memorize organizations hence advocating for brands with international taste in the market. From the study, such positioning within global market provides an attractive image on the organization’s products and services. Additionally, the organization uses modern and upgraded facilities capable of granting students the current picture within the financial market. Charges for the whole visit is affordable to every business student and use of elite staff as instructors adds to the professionalism of the trip (Asharqia Chamber, 2013).

Field Trip to Geneva Switzerland
Another great taste for business students is visiting Geneva. The field trip to Geneva is organized in cooperation with the AWEX organization (Agence Wallone à lExportation et aux Investissements étrangers). Such a trip occurs on a yearly basis and can accommodate 30 students for four days. The purpose of the visit is to expose students to best world organizations hence discover the United Nations Institutions through a number of conferences and visits. None would want to miss such an experience in UN headquarters, students visit a number of UN institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Development Program, the International Trade Center as well as the UN Refugee Agency. It is a pleasant experience since besides learning from UN institutions; the staff also gives lectures on multilateral diplomacy which is good for international business. The visit is affordable and provides a fresh way through which students experience international export in foreign markets around the world.

There are a number of reasons underlying people’s travel to various destinations in the world. Most of the instances are contributed by volunteer tourism which is always as a result of opportunity based on education. In this case, the opportunity provides a chance to explore other countries as a result of educational exchange programs where students are taught various principles and rules regarding the country of study. Currently, most popular voyaging people take abroad, is meant to make the people appreciate various privileges they enjoy within their countries.