Wilderness the Great Debate – Assignment Example

The paper "Wilderness – the Great Debate" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science.
Is the west gonna be reduced to just photos and film to show young people how it used to be or are there going to be places where they can go and see the way it was used to be, like wilderness? The wisdom of the wilderness has inspired many, such as Thoreau. Wilderness is a state of mind, far more important than the legal definition”
The broadcaster is introducing a new documentary been released called “Wilderness – the great debate”. One of the celebrities participating in the project is Robert Redford. A preview is being made and the interviewer is talking with the director of productions. The definition of wilderness is constantly being revised especially during the 21th-century debates. The discussions now include “the energy demand so the nation (US), national security, the need to be more energy independent”. In this documentary, public television is re-examining whether the essential balance between development and preservation has altered dramatically during the new century. They refer to Utah. Robert Redford is asking the rhetorical questions about how people are supposed to develop land when they don’t respect and preserve it, where is the dignity in all that. People are always connected with the land, even if they never experience the wilderness. The discussion goes so as to how public policies can be applied in such as way that to “serve the needs to society, but also respond to the needs of humankind to have that special landscape that draws us and reminds us of the extraordinary power and beauty of the American West”.
Public policy should be shaped by the expressed will of the public, not be singled out Congressman. This is our land and we choose how we will see it in the near future. We have to appreciate the land and value our relationship with it and share these feelings with the society around us. The speaker comments extensively on Utah and what policies have been initiated, what resources there are in abundance and which are scarce. At the second part of a research by Utah State University is being addressed and what is the connection between automobile traffic and agriculture.