Dubai Company Drops Port Deal – Assignment Example

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The paper "title" is a worthy example of an assignment on management. Dubai Company Drops Port Deal Ans. Political factors played their due role at the reversal of the ports deal in both the regions. This was because each of the two regions knew beforehand that their domain was being violated by the other party and hence for that reason each of them was pretty quick to deploy their defensive mechanisms in place. The political factors within the United States asked for legislation in the Congress and the same was passed after much hue and cry.

The ruler of United Arab Emirates was swift to suggest that the reversal decision was made by their country, which indeed was a face-saving for George W. Bush. Thus the element of politics coming into the deal is imperative and its role cannot be denied its fair share. (Sanger, 2006) Ans. Transportation indeed takes place through different networks which are formed up amongst a number of companies, big or small. These elements are usually brought under the domains of logistics. Transportation looks to take care of the several issues which arise within the midst of the global exchange of goods, supplies and other products from one place to another.

The global network is essentially a helpful agent for aligning different companies in a very fruitful manner. Without transportation, the companies’ networks will cease to exist and there would be a host of issues in the wake of understanding each other’ s domains. This will also create serious issues as per the revenue building mechanisms in the long run scheme of things.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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