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Integrated ProjectBackgroundThe University of Sydney Badham Library is the main library at the Camperdown Campus. It supports and serves students in the Veterinary Science, Agriculture and Environment and the school of Biological sciences faculties. The library is on the ground Floor of the Badham Building A16 and along the University of Sydney’s Science Road. At the point of my visit, a total of 9 staff was present. This included; the Team Leader of the Science Library team, the Team Leader of the Veterinary Science and Agriculture and Environment Library services team, the Faculty Liaison Librarians for the Agricultural and Environment, Biological Sciences and Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis, Psychology, and Veterinary sciences in addition to the Service Team Coordinator, Veterinary Science and Agriculture and Environment Library Services team, Service Team Coordinator, Science Library Services Team, Document Delivery Officer, 2 Course Reading officers and lastly the Manager Library Services and Technology officer.

The Library technician is responsible for the IT system. The library uses the both the Innopac ILL and the Aerial System. The organizational structure of the library is included under the Library Services, Health, Law and Medical Sciences.

This is indicated in the Diagram below. Source: http: //sydney. edu. au/library/news/news036.htmlProject scope and JustificationThe society has had profound impact as a result of novel developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The availability of novel ICT creations and infrastructure has put pressure on the libraries to have their services offered both on the internet and intranet. This has resulted into the emergence of computer networking. Information networking in libraries involves the accessing and communication to the network information services by the end users.

Most libraries in this era have increased their capacity and thus providing their services through IT base network infrastructures. Library networking thus involves the support of the all communication forms between users and existing libraries as well as the suppliers and the libraries through computer networking. This has necessitated the need for libraries to develop efficient information system that will have a database which will enhance efficiency in the tracking of issuance and collection of information resource materials (Lee, 2000). The novel integrated library management system as commonly referred to is resource planning enterprise system that will enhance the tracking of owned items, paid bills, orders that have been made in relation to the information materials and the information on patrons reflecting on borrowed materials.

The system is to have rationalized database, two user graphical interfaces and database interaction software. The modules that are to be included in the system will include; cataloging, serials, the OPAC, circulation and the acquisition (Hartley, 2009). The implementation of a library integrated management system will ensure that all the items and patrons have an identification number thus being able to effectively track them.

Secondly, the security of the items will be enhanced as stealing from the library will be minimized. The patrons will also have reminders in cases where they have to return the borrowed items. Additionally, the Information system will be of great use to the library officials and management as they will use it to order and acquire, invoice and receive, shelving of materials, circulation of resource materials. The tracking system will be able to track the penalties tagged on items that have not been returned or lost over a specific period of time.

Moreover, the system will enable the libraries to conduct researches and enhance their knowledge on the reading trends and the materials that have a large number of readers or users (Hartley, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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