Integrated Library System for Top-Mark Library – Assignment Example

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The paper “ Integrated Library System for Top-Mark Library” is a well-turned assignment on information technology. The Top-mark library is located in southern Australia and has been in existence for over thirty years. Its major concerns are offering library services such as lending books and other reading materials to students and the entire public. The library has thirty personal computers that are used by around in book lending. The staff that is there in the library is sixty-five. This entails the ones using the computers and those arranging the books plus the management team.

The person in charge of maintaining the system that is used in the top-mark library is the assistant library manager who has some knowledge of computers. For the past ten years, it has been using a card file system in data storage and it is due to this that they need a new system that is integrated (Dennis & Roth, 2008). The structure of the top-mark library entails four units; the delivery and lending unit which is responsible for lending service, learning and research unit that avails programs for information literacy, access and resource unit that deals with acquisition and facilitation of information infrastructure and scholarly articles and lastly corporate service unit that is in charge of administration, staff, and finance. Project scopeThe Project will mainly aim at introducing an integrated library system that will simplify all the operation that is carried out in the top-mark library.

A system that will come along with a data capture system as a solution to minimize delays in supplying materials to customers. The system will be driven by a database, some application software, and a wireless local area network. Project visionThe aim of the project is to come up with the design and implementation of a pilot information system.

The project plan will mainly consist of the objectives, standards, work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, project scope, project budget, project governance, and accountabilities, and finally the risk assessment. ObjectivesThe major objectives of the project would be first to come up with a computer database system to replace the current card file system for better service delivery and efficient data storage the system should be able to allow access for students and customers to more information regarding the books held within the library.

Especially on those books that are loaned out together with their expected date of return. Second is that since the information system will be at first intranet-based, the intranet would contain web pages that give web-based help with regard to the database operations to both staff and customers. Such information would factor in data relating to new users, basic functions instructions, and problem troubleshooting help. Finally, the information system should contain a file server containing three distinct directories namely accounts, staff details, and reports.

The directories should only be accessible to staff due to the sensitive information they carry. StandardsThe project should at all times base on preset standards such as an international standards organization. After full implementation of the library information system, the library staff and customers should be able to witness a significant amount of benefits regarding the dispensation of its services and accuracy in its records.


Dennis, A., & Roth, R. (2008). System Analysis and Design. ohn Wiley & Sons.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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