The Work of a Hotel Executive Committee – Assignment Example

The paper "The Work of a Hotel Executive Committee" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. The work of a hotel’s executive committee involves supporting the board of directors and the workplace in decision making. The committee makes various decisions that govern the daily running of the hotels. This makes their decisions key to the hotel’s success. For the hotel’s success, the committee should determine the activities to be done, and at the right time. To ensure that workers are motivated to do what needs to be done diligently, the committee should determine who gets paid to do a certain job and how much they get paid. The committee, apart from deciding when and where general meetings are held, ensure the agenda items are aligned toward the success of the hotel. It also has to determine and ensure performing individuals are hired, and also determine how long they may stay. To be sure of this, the committee can make a point of ensuring simple things are done well. To ensure that the hotel as a firm is legally secure and able to thwart any legal tussles on its path to success, the committee can take steps to ensure that reliable legal advisors are hired, what information they can be given, and finally determine if the advice they give can be relied on before it can be adopted. Another aspect the committee can look into to ensure the success of the hotel is the general presentation of the hotel. It has to ensure that the front lobby pool, garden, and recreational facilities are immaculate. Cleanliness and repairs have to be attended to on time. The committee should ensure that the hotel’s fitness club is well equipped with the state of the art facilities to attract customers. Investment in interior design can also be a lot helpful. The committee should ensure that the decorations made in and out of the hotel are attractive and the ambiance is good.