Which Informal Fallacies Use Sociocentrism – Assignment Example

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The paper "Which Informal Fallacies Use Sociocentrism" is a worthy example of an assignment on social science. There are several types of informal fallacies that make use of sociocentrism. Typical Examples of Informal fallacies that use sociocentrism are the Slippery slope and the appeals to false authority and bandwagon appeals. The slippery slope is based on the misconception of the fear that one step in a direction will lead to the next and continue in a cyclic order (Ramage, Bean, & Johnson, 2009). The fallacies of appeals to false authority and bandwagon appeals is the fallacy that involves a famous person supporting a cause, whereas they have no authority in the particular field they are supporting (Paul & Elder, 2006).

Many religious personalities such as Dr. Dobson, use slippery slope in their discussion on why gay marriage should be illegal. They make many claims, such as if gay marriage were legalized it would just lead to polygamy, Parents will then be required to accept homosexuality in their children, Gay partners will burden the government entitlement systems, and evangelism will be hindered.

They state these claim with little support and then use these claims to support their belief and to increase their number of followers which in turn would definitely lead to a greater donation to their cause. This is a typical case of an informal fallacy making use of sociocentrism. An example of the bandwagon appeals can be found in a video that was released by the John McCain campaign team titled “ Joe the Plumber” (McCain, 2008). What McCain was trying to do was to get the average American to believe and hence jump on the bandwagon that he is just like Joe the plumber.

McCain would benefit from this by being able to garner more votes and then consequently become the president of the United States. This is another typical example of how informal fallacy uses sociocentrism.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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