Dominant Characteristics of the Best Inaugural Speech – Assignment Example

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The paper "Dominant Characteristics of the Best Inaugural Speech " is a wonderful example of an assignment on English. Writing is a skill which can be honed over time. It just takes a good grasp of the English language, an artistic flair, a degree of creativity and imagination, and a genuine interest in writing. However, as can be expected from this kind of theoretical discipline, writing follows a set of rules to guide practitioners into the correct line of thought and discourse to ensure a sense of reward and success in this field.

Composing an effective inaugural speech, for example, entails crafting a well-structured address which would encompass critical elements which are instrumental in winning the political campaign.   An effective inaugural speech must be brief but concise and is capable of captivating the attention of the audience by starting with a powerful opening statement that makes them want to hear more (Wentworth, 2010, par. 4). The speech should define a focal point of one’ s political platform and clearly proffer measures to attain one’ s vision. The challenges and struggles encountered through the journey could provide enlightening insights which could inspire listeners in confirming one’ s commitment for dedication in pursuit of transformation for the better.

The concluding portion should emphasize the need for participative collaboration with fellow citizens in the quest to achieve the stated goals. The message must be delivered in an eloquent and masterful manner with powerful convictions to be profoundly memorable.   In contrast, an ineffective inaugural speech is lengthy but lacking in content. The message of the speech is not well structured and does not focus on a unified theme.

The manner of delivery is sluggish and uncertain, making the message deluded by the poor expression of the orator. There are no captivating statements nor memorable phrases that make the speech stand out among the rest.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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