Lincoln Ideas Concerning African Americans – Assignment Example

The paper "Lincoln Ideas Concerning African Americans " is a wonderful example of a history assignment. The Declaration of Independence becomes a very important document for Abraham Lincoln since he interprets phrases within the document to show that the intent of the founding fathers was to give equality, liberty, and freedom to all Americans and not just free individuals in America. In essence, his idea of liberty is not dependent upon the race or the legal status of a person. In fact, the Constitution is considered by him to hold real meaning once it has been interpreted in the light of the Declaration of Independence without which the meaning of the world could be misinterpreted. Further, Lincoln’s interpretation of the constitution itself goes to show that he believed that slavery was only tolerated by some founding fathers at the time America was born and it was expected that the institution of slavery would die out with time (Portteus, 2001). What is surprising about Lincoln ideas concerning African Americans is that while he wanted to have freedom for them, he did not consider equality to be possible or even a viable option. In essence, Lincoln was ready to accept that slavery should be finished and emancipation should be a part of the party’s agenda yet he was not willing to accept African Americans as being equal to the whites. Further, a separation of the two races seems to be a part of the ideas which were held by Lincoln (Lincoln). The significance of the words of Lincoln in the last century can be directly linked to the idea of separate but equal but in present times, the ideas concerning perfect equality and freedom for all individuals are more relevant.