Spiritual Worldview – Assignment Example

The paper "Spiritual Worldview" is a good example of an assignment on social science. I am a Sunni Muslim. This means I believe in God and his Messenger Mohammed. My religious background comes from my culture. I am from Makkah, Saudia Arabia. All of the individuals I know are Muslim. We practice a conservative form of Islam. Women wear a veil, prayers five times a day, and so forth. Although Osama bin Laden was from my culture, he does not represent all Saudi Arabian Muslims. Not all Muslims are radical. I believe in the Qu’ran, which to me has a peaceful interpretation. The closest to my self-identification is a Sunni Muslim. There are around .6% of total Muslims in the United States, with 3% being Sunni Muslims. The Shia and other Muslims groups comprise the other 3%. These statistics are very similar to me. I fall into the category of a white male with some college. I do not have children. These demographics put individual stories into statistics, so I do fall into the categories for Muslims. Like most of my counterparts in my religion, I believe in God. I believe practicing my religion through prayer is very important as the majority of others in my religion here in the United States. The importance of my religion also agrees with the majority of Muslims in the United States. I like many Muslims am a Democrat. The bigger government appeals to me. The government should protect morality. In this country, morality and big government are fought against strongly by most of the population, but in my country morality enforced by the government and big government services are normal. That is what Muslims want. The topic of government protecting morality is a taboo subject for many Americans. They want less government control. The other group that does not want government protecting morality is the Jewish community. If I were to speak to a Jewish individual about the topic, I would point out the immorality that occurs here in America. I understand that Jews are wary due to thousands of years of pogroms and the Holocaust about government involvement in any aspect of their life, but the United States is not Nazi Germany. Morality needs to be promoted to ensure less crime, fewer divorce rates, and healthier relationships.