How Will the Changes Promised in the Recent Election Affect Future – Assignment Example

The paper "How Will the Changes Promised in the Recent Election Affect Future" is a perfect example of an assignment on sociology. The world needs a change in the current scenario and the recent elections have changed the fate of people all over the globe. The most interesting changes to look forward to including those promised in the foreign policy of the United States and in health care along with improvements in the job market, unemployment benefits, tax credits with steady wages and retirement benefits. “Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some. Without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control.” (Obama, Inaugural address). We can now look forward to the total abolition of capital gains taxes for all small businesses and cuts in the tax for a majority of the families in America. The correct amount of pay for the right kind of work will now be rewarded and acknowledged in a fair manner. On the international front, more peace and less gunpowder can be expected as the President has promised to withdraw all the troops of the United States military forces from Iraq. The ties with Russia, China and Moscow will improve. On the economic and financial front, as promised a $787 billion stimulus package to salvage the economy and improve the status of the current financial crisis might provide the much-needed help for measures to be taken in this direction. Nearly $120 billion has also been allotted for the purpose of the development of the infrastructure, enhancing the access to the Internet, the construction of highways, etc. To sum it up, the promise of helping the people through the economic crunch and ensuring that the world is a more peaceful and habitable place with an increased emphasis on the usage of all the renewable sources of energy are the major points that will affect us in a positive manner.