Hollywood Ten – Assignment Example

The paper "Hollywood Ten " is an excellent example of an assignment on history. The year 1947 saw the subpoenaed forty-one witnesses where about nineteen of the members declared their noncooperation with the investigation of the details of any political affiliations. This grew the main focus of the committee on the on the only ten members that were German émigré playwright Bertolt Brecht. These ten members came to be recognized as the Hollywood ten, and the focus was completely on them since they left the country the day after his appearance (Bernstein, 1996). The HUAC had placed a lot of focus on the group and in response to this, Actor Humphrey Bogart and his wife Lauren Bacall, John Huston, William Wyler, Gene Kelly and others, established the “Committee for the First Amendment” (CFA). Director Edward Dmytryk had also mentioned that “I was so happy with the support of the CFA and others, but when (screenwriter) John Howard Lawson began haranguing the committee members, I died. We lost it right then and there!” The HUAC did place a lot of pressure on the Hollywood Ten, and in the biography, Walter Bernstein said that the Hollywood ten were held in contempt of Congress and had also later agreed to be a part of the Communist Party (Mann, 2002). However, Rossen who was responsible for the editing of scenes did not do the job right and he was the cause of deliberate inclusion of the communist message in the movie scripts. This led the HUAC to investigate the group more and place a tab on all the members of the group (Blacklist, 2007).