The American West – Assignment Example

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The paper "The American West" is a wonderful example of a history assignment. The American West has a long and glorious history. But it is also a history marked by terrible tragedies. It was a violent period. This violence mostly occurred because there was a scramble for new land and territory. People had a reason to fight and because the boundaries were not well drawn, there were more opportunities to fight. I would, therefore, judge the level of violence to be high. The Seminole Indians are an interesting group, representative of those who fought in the Indian Wars.

This tribe was created out of members of the Creek Nation and also African Americans who ran away to Florida from slavery in other southern states. Sadly, during the Indian Removal, thousands of their members were forced west of the Mississippi River, and we were effectively split into two nations, one in Oklahoma, the former Indian Territory and one in Florida. They were fierce and independent people and their warriors were second to none. They fought the U. S. Army and never succumbed.

They fought three wars with the army in the 19th century, including one that lasted longer than any war involving the United States between the Revolutionary War and the Vietnam War. That is an indication of how hard they fought. No less a man than Andrew Jackson led the war against them, but not even he could break their spirit. Indians and cowboys sometimes worked together is one reality sometimes lost in myth. Another is that everyone during that period was a cowboy. Only a small part of the U. S.

was frontier. There were lots of developing cities where cowboys did not exist.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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