Phenomenon of McCarthyism – Assignment Example

The paper "Phenomenon of McCarthyism" is a wonderful example of a history assignment. In brief, McCarthyism (Fitzgerald, pp. 11-15) was a political movement that was successful in acquiring the support of thousands of Americans; however, on social grounds. This phenomenon mainly focused on popular stakeholders of the state, such as government, educators, policymakers while accusing them with charges of disloyalty and rebellion in the United States during the decades of the 40s and 50s. For some adversaries, Joseph McCarthy was a kind of Hitler who made accusations based on no evidence, in order to criticize and destabilize American institutions (Fitzgerald, pp. 23-25). However, advocates of McCarthy believe that he was not a tyrant, but a visionary senator that played a significant role in putting efforts against waves of communism in the country, as well as gave primary importance to a health care system that was affecting at an alarming rate in the country. Briefly, although his judgments came to be illegal, however, after years, McCarthyism still depicts the movement of the authority of the working class of the society.
What was Rock n’ Roll’s effects on American society and values?
The decade of the 1950s brought a significant alteration in American society with the introduction of Rock and Roll that left a noteworthy impact on the specifical youth of the country. Since the advent of Rock and Roll, analysis (Millard, pp. 59-62) has indicated a new wave of independence in the youth of the country that was able to distinguish themselves from older generations in the form of music, and this genre of music provided a sense of harmony to youth in a collective manner. Before its introduction, adult-authoritative music was dominating the society; however, Rock and Roll gave authority to the youth and created a new platform for youth, especially White youth to involve in the music and express them in innovative and independent manner.