Film Industry: Post 1940 – Assignment Example

The paper "Film Industry: Post 1940" is a wonderful example of a history assignment. It is hard to say which direction the cinema is headed, as it is an ever-changing concept. While many directors and screenwriters have opted to work on projects that people have already grown used to, there is an even bigger amount of filmmakers who are willing to go outside of the box. They want to bring about things that have yet to be done before; this does not only apply to storylines and plots, but to camera angles, set design, and technology that has yet to be used in motion pictures. By the looks of it, cinema is headed in an open direction, one that can be questioned by some, yet accepted by many, as the new generation of filmmakers tests the boundaries and limits of Hollywood and potential audiences. I am pleased with this apparent direction; given the openness and accepting attitudes of this generation, it only makes sense to try something different in regards to film.
There are plenty of new ideas left for the media, it is just a matter of people finding these ideas and making something of them. However, others are more content and comfortable with using ideas and concepts that have been done before; in some cases, they might produce a film with an overused idea, though with a twist unique to the writer or director. Fortunately, due to this new generation of eager and open-minded filmmakers, regurgitated media referencing is a thing of the past. Ideas are becoming more fresh and unique, even ideas that have been used before but with twists that have yet to be seen.
As the film industry - and other aspects of the media - is an ever-changing thing, it is hard to keep up with it and decide where it is going. Predictions can be made, but surprises and the unexpected are all we will probably get. This can be considered a good thing, as nobody wants entertainment that becomes predictable and old. As the new generation audience, we want something that has yet to be done before, something that our ages can call our own and appreciate. Though, given the different tastes of the audience, who is to decide which direction media should go in and if that direction is a good one?