Health Problems on Campus – Assignment Example

The paper "Health Problems on Campus " is a wonderful example of an assignment on medical science. Most of the health problems on campus are related to Physical and Psychological problems. Since most of the students are coming from different social, cultural and family backgrounds, their hygiene and food habits may be different. Even if a student keeps good hygiene in his personal life, because of his physical contacts with other less hygienic students, may result in health problems for him. For example, a student who is suffering from fever can spread it to many other colleagues. While taking foods this sick student may talk loudly or may engage in a physical contact with other students which will result in the spreading of germs to others as well. “The campus lifestyle consists of late nights, crazy schedules, all-you-can-eat dining halls and the absence of parental control.” (Hodgson, 2004) Most of the dining halls in the college campuses are contaminated. The caterers may not give much importance to the hygienic conditions inside the dining hall and hence the germs can easily attack the students who are taking food from there. “The need for strict adherence to sanitation and grooming regulations is extremely important in food service. Poor personal hygiene and poor sanitation practices create an environment conducive to the production of contaminated food.” (Peterson) The best way to avoid such health problems is to stay away from the sick person or the contaminated dining halls. Washing of hands and faces thoroughly before and after the food using a mild soap solution definitely prevent the possibility of a health problem from the dining hall. The plates used for serving the food must be double checked by the students. If anything found wrong, the student must ask the supplier to replace it or rewash it. The fork and knife provided from the dining halls to assist the eating may mostly be used by others also. It is better to avoid such things in the dining hall while taking foods. Make use of our own hands may avoid the risk of contamination from others through the equipment like fork and knife. If the student found something wrong with the supplier dressing or conversation, he must be well advised to avoid taking food from that restaurant or dining hall.