Health Care Provider – Assignment Example

The paper "Health Care Provider" is an outstanding example of an assignment on nursing. I feel that my physician did very well demonstrate empathy, care, and concern. He is always patient and kind, and explains things well. He even uses diagrams and charts to discuss symptoms. He takes the time to ask questions and to listens to the symptoms before making a diagnosis. He also always pulls my patient record whenever I come in, and makes sure that he has the most up to date files on me. His explanations demonstrate that he is very knowledgeable about diagnosis and current treatment and staying up to date on current medications and recent research. He encourages me as well as my family to ask questions; he always asks if any further clarification is needed before moving on. He also provides options, such as different physical therapies and medicines, in order to give me all of the options available. He does a fantastic job as well of collaborating with patient and family members when seeking additional sources. For instance, he is willing to reach out and make personal phone calls at the end of his day in order to make sure everybody is clear. He also Volunteers information about agencies that provide additional services and knows how to access those services. He does a good job of using terminology and carefully defines new terms. He always checks that patient and family member understands. He never seems rushed, and he takes his time. He does a wonderful job of following through on care; for instance, he will make phone calls or have his office call for appointments if he feels that more meeting times or explanation are needed. Therefore, I do not currently feel that he needs any improvement.