Health And Safety Management Of A New Build Construction Site: – Assignment Example

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Неаlth and Safety Mаnаgеmеnt of А New Building Cоnstruсtiоn SiteIntroductionBuildings have the ability to present potential risks both during the contraction process and in their operations. A lot of responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of those responsible for designing, commissioning, constructing and the operations in the buildings to ensure health and safety of the users and contraction workers. These health and safety measures need to be strongly considered before the beginning of any construction work. Before any construction process, Health and Safety Executives alongside other legal bodies have to b notified.

To ensure there is health and safety in the construction process (Roy 2010). This study will be looking at the residential contraction projects given that the area is considered to be of a high hazard that often comprise of a wide range of different activities that involve alteration, repairs and construction processes. The construction workers at the residential contraction are fully engaged in a variety of activities that are capable of exposing them to very serious hazards (Pico 2013). These hazards include the workers falling from roof tops of buildings, some falling victims of heavy construction equipment, buildings collapsing on them, exposure to dust, silica and asbestos particles and possible electrocutions.

There is a need for the overall construction process to ensure reduction and possible elimination of all the contraction hazards that will put the life of the people around the construction site in danger. All the contraction related hazards must be well identified, and relevant instruments put in place to ensure the risks are completely mitigated (Yilmaz & Fatih 2015). Effective Health and safety management in building and constructionThere is need to develop a health and safety system which involves the introduction of processes that have particularly been designed to reduce and cut down any incidences of injury and illness caused during the process of building and construction.

For the system to be successfully implemented, management commitment is greatly required with an effective allocation of resources towards maintaining health and safety at the construction site. The scope, capacity and complexity of an effective health and safety management system varies from size to the type of contraction in question.

In this case, looking at the construction of a residential building basic components of a healthy system which include hazard identification and assessment as well as the overall management leadership as well as organizational commitments (Yilmaz & Fatih 2015). There is a need to also develop ways to control hazards that may arise in the construction site and allow work site inspections to be carried around the construction zone. An effective health and safety system also allows for an easy identification, reporting and investigation of any incident which is ideal for saving lives at the construction site.

With effective health and safety system, the emergency response plan is always effective which is well integrated with program administration (Bahn & Barratt-Pugh 2014). The employees participating in the health and safety programs conduct regular reviews of the safety measures around the contraction site. Certified personnel who are well informed about the safety procedures within the construction zone play effective roles in conducting these reviews (Khosravi et al. 2014).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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