Hats Off to Achievement – Assignment Example

The paper "Hats Off to Achievement " is a good example of an assignment on English. People who work hard get lucky! I am ecstatic about the fact that you have received the Employee of the Year Award. You have certainly worked the hardest and the results are in front of everyone to see. Your undying desire to succeed and above all your creativeness are arguably the two most prices assets that you have. I draw a lot of motivation from you, when I see you working hard and coming up with new creative ideas, the same also gives me motivation to work hard and to come up with creative ideas. Your company has transformed me as a person and I truly believe whatever I am writing, earlier my motivation levels were not as high are it is now. Your recruitment in the company has brought more positive changes than one. First of all it is a very boost for all the employees, the way you work inspires several people in the company, people may not talk about it in front of you but I have eavesdropped and heard several people talking about your work rate. The second most important thing is your creativity; your creativity is probably the biggest asset that our company has at its disposal. All the people in the company are really happy with your success and as far as I am concerned, I am really ecstatic with your success. I hope you will keep going at the very same pace and win many more awards in the future. This will surely result in making our company a force to reckon with.