Syndicate Consulting – Assignment Example

The paper "Syndicate Consulting" is a brilliant example of an assignment on business. Syndicate Company will be a consulting firm that will specialize in selling and marketing technology products. The company operation will be in the international arena. The company will provide first-class manufacturers with high quality and reliable alternative to resources that are in-house for market development, channel development, and market development. Syndicate Consulting Company will be developed as a New York corporation that will be located in Clara County. The company will be owned by the principal operators and principal investors. Within the United States and European Companies, some of the firms that the company will target will be focused on large corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, and HP. Syndicate Secondary target will be medium-sized firms in high growth regions like software and multimedia. One of the challenges that the company will face, is stabling with the consulting companies found in the real estate market. The industry competition will result from various forms, the most crucial one will be the company that operates in market research and business development. Other large consulting companies such as Boston Consulting and Arthur Anderson will be our biggest threat. The competitors are a generalist and do not have a specific niche market. Additionally, they are hampered by an unstable organizational structure that fails in providing the most qualified and experienced personnel for the projects of their clients. Another competitor that the company will face is various research firms like Stanford Research Institute and Dataquest (Bangs & Hendrick, 36). Syndicate advantage compared to the competitors is that the company will provide higher consulting services to assist the integration of the market data with the goals of the company. The founders of the market will be former consulting services marketers, market research, and personal computers. The company will be managed by the operating partners in structure taken from the Smith Partners. At the beginning of the company’s operation, the company will assume 3 to 5 partners. It is estimated that the company will realize a profit of 65000 dollars by the 3rd year and a net profit margin of 6 percent. The company will take 130000 dollars as the current debt and collect the 500000 dollars from long-term debt. The company is not planning any financial problem.