The Role of Friendship in Psychological Adjustment – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Role of Friendship in Psychological Adjustment" is a delightful example of an assignment on psychology. Friendship is a very beautiful feeling to have for an individual. It is a relationship that banks heavily on trust, emotions, and longing of people who call themselves as friends. There are a number of reasons as to why friendships are usually successful – one of them being the similarities found amongst the friends in essence. Another reason lies in the differences that exist amongst them and hence the reason that these differences ask of the friends to get attracted to each other.

No matter how sound or illogical these similarities and differences are, the bottom line remains in the fact that friendships are filled with positive feelings and emotions – an element that receives a great deal of significance within the relevant contexts of relationships. The aspect of friendship is not dependent on the facets of age, gender, careers, interests, backgrounds and ethnicity values at times. However, in other friendship situations, each one of these might just be the very core ingredient.

It is because of these factors that friendships become something to rave about for an individual (Nangle 2001). The element of joy and happiness attached with friendships is indeed a very long-lasting and fulfilling emotion. It has been seen that friends are usually of the same age bracket if not entirely of the same gender. There are friendships that have existed amongst boys and girls and this is a very common aspect today as well as in the past. However, interests usually have a clear say within the friendships that have come about for a long period of time now.

Ethnic values count for little between friends as these are beyond one’ s control and friends usually understand such dictums from the beginning.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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