Stages Involved in the Policy Process – Assignment Example

The paper "Stages Involved in the Policy Process" is a worthy example of an assignment on politics. The stages involved in the policy process are a means to ensure that the guiding principles put in place positively affect the immediate environment. This means that all stages are crucial in determining the final outcome of certain guidelines in society. There are six stages in the policy process, but the implementation and evaluation stages are vital in determining the overall outcome of the policy. It is through these stages that the policy is deemed as feasible or plausible, and not just theoretical (Wu, Ramesh & Howlett, 2012). This paper will examine the influence the policy process has on the implementation and evaluation stages, and why it is vital to ensure the successful completion of these stages in the policy process. The implementation process could involve providing new products and services, and/or adopting new rules and regulations to suit the immediate environment. The policy process might positively or negatively influence this phase. For instance; if the proper amount of capital is not allocated for the implementation of a program, then it is doomed to not provide the intended results. There are different players involved in the evaluation process (Wu, Ramesh & Howlett, 2012). It is vital to have these actors present in order to assess and appraise the extent to which a program is going to work. In conclusion, there are a number of stages involved in the policy process. It is mandatory to follow these stages so as to allow individuals to find appropriate ways of handling the public or private sectors. There are always programs implemented that are aimed at helping the middle or low class, especially when it comes to the public sector (Martens & Wilson, 2012). In my experience, this is what has happened over the years when it comes to society and all its needs. Policy processes may influence the implementation and evaluation process in various ways. It is up to the different players to ensure that things go smoothly for the sake of all people.