Fire Safety: Fire Prevention and Detection in Australia – Assignment Example

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The paper "Fire Safety: Fire Prevention and Detection in Australia" is a wonderful example of an assignment on engineering and construction. The paper reflects on the accomplishment during the study of the course. I benefited immensely through reading and attending the lectures. The resources provided also improved my understanding of numerous aspects associated with construction and associated technical components. Fire prevention and detection are discussed extensively. I was able to study on the construction of different sprinklers and researched different stakeholders’ involvement in the construction industry. The Australian government has created institutions and structures to advance the construction industry.

Clear instructions and directives exist, which the construction industry has to adhere to.   Introduction Learning is important and different techniques, or tools are used to accomplish the learning requirements. Some of the strategies include attending lectures, completing assignments and reading widely. The fire safety course has improved my understanding of numerous areas. The first section of the paper presents a reflection on what I learned from the lectures and available resources; the second section reflects on my research about Australian standards and NCC; the third section reviews the process I completed assigned assignments.   Reflection on what you learn from lectures based on attached presentations and videos   The lectures and other learning materials have expanded my understanding of the different methods and strategies to champion the requirements of fire safety.

I was able to learn different types of sprinkler systems, and the benefits and shortcomings of these sprinklers. I was able to understand the technology and methods in which the sprinklers can be used. The temperature indication and associated technical aspects expounded my thinking on the best sprinklers to use in certain conditions.

For example, manufacturing firms or warehouses store different products and may require different fire extinguishing strategies. Thus, a sprinkler that can be used in an electrical installation should be different from the one used at offices.   I was also able to acknowledge the different fire detection and alarm systems available for the designers. Success fire safety system requires addressing numerous aspects, but the important ones are identifying developing fire within the shortest time possible and providing information to the occupants to evacuate. There are different types of automatic and manual detectors, and it is imperative to identify the facility because of choosing among the numerous sprinklers.

The detection systems come in different varieties and can be linked to the sprinkler system. I learned that an entire building can be protected by connecting the sprinkler system with the detection system. The purpose is to ensure any fire incident or emergency is addressed accordingly and within the shortest time possible.   Therefore, I normally see sprinklers in a different building, and I was able to relate to the lectures.

Furthermore, I will keep appreciating the significance of the effective design of fire safety systems. In addition, it is appropriate to use the appropriate fire safety measures depending on the use of the building, occupancy, and other features. I acknowledge that challenges may exist in implementing some of the fire safety measures, but the important component is to ensure the building or structures adhere to international frameworks of safety.   Reflection on what you learned based on your research about Australian standards, and NCC   The Australian standards and NCC regulations are imperative in designing and constructing a secure building.

The articles provide the users and designs will information on strategy formulation, implementation and also provides a mechanism to construct a safe building. The regulations address numerous requirements ranging from the application to fire safety requirements. In reading the articles and doing independent research, I realized that the construction of a building requires people with different expertise. For example, an expert in fire safety is required during the designing and construction phase because the individual would be able to advise accordingly.   Moreover, the materials used for construction are important.

I learned that different ratings of materials to fire resistance exist, and the nature of the building determines the type of materials to be used. Furthermore, I realized that it is important to use materials that withstand heat and fire for a longer time to enable effective evacuation. In the designing and construction of the building, I learned that it is imperative to engage different authorities. The authorities understand the nature and requirements of building to encourage safety requirements. The Australian standards and other regulations define and state the procedures that have to be followed to build and maintain a safe building.

For example, through the advice of relevant authorities, an individual will understand the building structural requirements to withstand complications, which may be associated with environmental forces. Without the input of relevant authorities, I have acknowledged that the building would not be safe. Therefore, the construction industry should operate in a teamwork process in which different stakeholders are involved in the entire process of construction.   The purpose of the standards and codes is to ensure people in the construction industry appreciate the procedures and other important safety requirements.

For example, guidance on fire safety is integral to the entire building. The strategic positioning of the sprinklers and detection system determines the effectiveness of fire prevention and extinguishing. I also learned that the ineffective design of the building may compromise the environment. I usually thought about the occupants but through the numerous researches that I have conducted, I have realized that the environment is affected immensely. For example, poor design of the windows and the use of lead products affects the occupants and the environment.

For instance, the windows are supposed to provide light and fresh air. However, ineffective design may result in using unrenewable energy. Thus, the documents and extensive studies have improved my understandings of numerous structural design and construction requirements.   Reflection on what you learned from 4 assignments     The four assignments helped me to apply what I learned from lectures and during my personal studies. Completing the assignments required me to use different techniques in ensuring the safety measures and requirements are in place.

The building has different users including persons with disabilities and threats of a fire emergency. I was able to integrate these numerous requirements and needs in completing the assignment. Even though the assignments were demanding, I was able to tackle them through reviewing my notes. The lecture notes and other available materials helped me to comprehend the assignments and solved them accordingly. Moreover, the concentration during the lecture and making independent notes including sharing views with my school mates contributed to the completion of the assignments.   During the completion of the assignments, I learned important lessons.

The important one was time management. I thought the assignments were simple and did not start them at the right time. I wasted long periods before completing the assignments because of the ineffective allocation of time. In addition, bringing together the different resources required to complete the assignment was important. However, I neglected this requirement meaning that I wasted more time looking and collecting the required resources. These are some of the personal shortcomings, which I have corrected through allocating the assignments appropriate time and bringing together the important resources for completing the assignment.   Furthermore, I realized that there were some information and requirements, which I had not revised or addressed conclusively.

It took me longer to complete the assignments because of ineffective learning and adhering to defined instructions. To solve the problem regarding future assignments, I will revise and continue reading widely. It will enable me to have the analysis and constructive critique, which is important in the completion of assignments. Moreover, I will continue reading widely to improve my understanding of the numerous subject matters. It will involve engaging with the lecturers and other students through collaboration and sharing knowledge.   Conclusion. The course and the lectures have taught me extensively on the design and application of different processes in completing assignments and carrying out projects.

Fire safety based on the use of different sprinklers has enabled me to determine the appropriate sprinkler based on the requirements of the situation. Fire detection is also important because the occupants of the building or facility will evacuate within the right time. The Australian standards and other legislative directives are important because it standardizes constructions and champions the requirements of safety.

Numerous documents and directives exist that guide and advice targeted stakeholders in accomplishing the requirements of building and construction. The documents and extensive research provides avenues and measures to accomplish the construction process. In working on the assignments, I was able to complete the assignments after changing my strategy. I had lost a lot of time because I did not manage my time accordingly. Therefore, I am currently working and already applied the strategy in completing the assignments. The strategy is allocating time and resources accordingly.

Through such a strategy, I will be able to complete the assignments within the specified time and with a high level of quality.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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