Effect of Emotions at Work – Assignment Example

The paper "Effect of Emotions at Work" is a great example of a management assignment. The ethical principles that come in conflict are based on compromising the work quality with regards to one’s own feelings and influences. These must remain at a distance to suggest growth and productivity for the basis of a business. The personal feelings and effects could mean that the firm might lose out on its intended mission and the business would become a hub of personal influences and attachment. Ethically, this mars the very basis of having an organization as it relies on the overall commitment of employees towards the work domains and not their respective feelings and sentiments at the workplace (Cooper, 2001). The individual autonomy in the workplace can mean that the employees will manifest a renewed sense of vigor and energy. However, this can also mean that they start preferring their own work ethos over and above the expectations that the organization has of them. It must be understood that personal likes and dislikes need to be kept at a distance so that individual autonomy does not go about making the wrong decisions within the workplace regimes. It is a good thing to remain steadfast with the individual autonomy which the organization gives to its employees but using it for personal scores and hidden agendas is a sure negative here. The managers need to balance out the conflicting perceptions amongst workers since they have to draw the line between the ethically right and the perceived notions on the part of the workers which could be wrong most of the times. The manager has to keep a check at what is happening within the workplace and correct the same in line with the ethical principles and codes. He has to signal where the anomalies exist and how the same mar the very basis of productivity within the workforce.