A News Story from the Mass Media – Assignment Example

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The paper "A News Story from the Mass Media" is an outstanding example of a psychology assignment. The news story in the mass media that compares groups is the phenomenon of a mass shooting. The mass shooting is a news story from the media in America comparing two groups, the police, and the public (mass shooting victims). The research herein aims to establish the reason that leads to the incidences where police officers legally have the warranty of effecting mass shooting. The hypothesis under the study of the mass shooting is that the police officers have the permission of shooting when there is an imminent threat of danger posed by the public.

The imminent danger must have a full potential of causing physical, mental, or bodily harm to the parties exposed to those dangers (Kaminski et. al, 2010). The type of research design utilized in this study is a qualitative research. The reason being, the study only seeks to provide hypothetical explanations of the causes of mass shooting without providing any discrete data. The independent variables are the police officers, and dependent variables are the victims of a mass shooting (Kaminski et. al, 2010). The methodology of data analysis is an explanatory data analysis since the study explains the reasons behind the happenings of a real scenario in existence, mass shooting.

The results of the analysis indicate that the major reason for the existence of mass shooting is to protect the law and maintain peace and order. Proper coordination of the mass shootings eliminates the incidences of law violations. It also protects the public from any form of life danger, threat, or harm. The problem that I see in the in the design and the interpretation of the results of the research findings on the mass shooting is that.

The study on mass shooting provides reasons that justify the act of mass shooting by the police officers should there be an imminent threat of danger. However, the biggest problem in the justification of mass shooting and its related results is that. In many scenarios of a mass shooting, a lot of death is caused to many innocent people in the United States. The reason being, mass shooting does not specifically target the offenders but rather generalization that a whole mass of people are offenders.

The above assumption upon which mass-shooting vests upon is a plainly wrong and unrealistic assumption that causes many innocent people to die. In an evaluation, the news story matches with the results making the story to justify mass shootings in America. The News also mobilizes the societies against the offenders by the police officers. Mass shooting continues to receive vast support as an act of eliminating criminal acts and promoting law obedience among American citizens in the states like Virginia (Kaminski et. al, 2010).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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