Ethics and IT Feasibility – Assignment Example

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The paper "Ethics and IT Feasibility " is a good example of an assignment on information technology. Activity 1. [5 marks] Given a budgetary constraint of $2,500, use this week’ s newspapers and magazines to determine the best computer-printer-scanner suite you can buy. Explain why you selected the computer-printer-scanner suite based on the constraints. I would buy a Dell Inspiron small desktop computer at $1,099. Dell is a well-known brand. Dell Inspiron small desktop is a high-performance computer with a large storage memory of 1TB. It comes installed with an operating system and Microsoft Office 2016.

The package includes a keyboard and mouse. I would then buy a Dell E2316H 23” monitor at $225.5. This is a wide enough monitor to allow me to work effectively and efficiently. I would then buy an all-in-One HP Office Jet Pro X576dw at $526.88, which combines a printer, scanner, and photocopier. The suit would come to $1,851.38. I would then use the remaining $648.62 for transport and other activities. Activity 2. [15 marks] Consider the following scenario: A hairdresser wants to convert to a computer system for appointments and charging. The appointment system has a customer history facility which will allow him to market products by mail to those clients most likely to use them.

He estimates he will get 5 new product sales averaging $15 each per week using this function. Each appointment will take two minutes to make on the computer system, not the five minutes it now takes. He is paying his receptionist/stylist $10 per hour and he has 160 appointments per week. He charges clients $20 per hour for a haircut by the receptionist/stylist. Stylists will get a client history for each appointment which tells them exactly how each client likes their hair done, even if another stylist normally does the client’ s hair.

The charging system has a daily and weekly balance facility which means he will not have to employ a bookkeeper to do the balances. This currently costs him $70 a week. The system will do all the GST and tax returns, saving accountant’ s fees of $1,500 per year. His new system costs $12,500 capital costs, $1,750 set-up costs and $10 per week to run.

He will have to cancel all his appointments the morning it is installed to help re-arrange the salon, so he will lose $500 income, but the rest of the stylists will be working as usual. Identify the tangible benefits, and the intangible benefits, of the proposed new system in the first year of operation. [5 marks] Tangible benefits: New product sales: (5 x 15) x 4 x 12 x 5 = $18,000 Elimination of the Receptionist/stylist: (160 x 5 x 10 x 4 x 12 x 5)/60 = $32,000 Elimination of Bookkeeper: 70 x 4 x 12 x 5 = $16,800 Elimination of accountant’ s fees: 1,500 x 5 = $7,500 Total tangible benefits: $74,300 Intangible benefits Time-saving of about 80 days, which can be converted to an increase in time spent on each customer.

This will result to increase in service delivery and hence customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty will increase and this may lead to an increase in the number of customers through word-of-mouth marketing. The other intangible benefit is consistency in service delivery because stylists will have client history. This will, in turn, improve customer satisfaction and hence loyalty.   Do a cost-benefit analysis of the new system for over five years. [5 marks]CostsCapital costs: $12,500Set-up costs: $1,750Running costs: 10 x 4 x 12 x 5 = $ 2,400Total costs: $16,650Net Tangible Benefits: $74,300 - $ 16,650 = $57,650• Assuming the new system has an estimated life of five years, calculate the break-even point of the proposed computer system. [5 marks]Breakeven point = 16,650/74,300 = 0.224 years (2.69 months)The system will break-even 2 months and 21 days after full implementationPart B: Academies Australasia Feasibility Study Project Report [30 marks]Prepare a feasibility study report on Academies Australasia installing a Wireless access point in a network environment for each computer lab. Academies Australasia has 4 computer labs.

Your budget is $1200 and the Project duration is 3 days. The hourly labor rate is $100. Currently, Academies Australasia does not have such a setup. You can choose any wireless device as long as it’ s within budget. Write your assumptions, in the background section of the report. Report Content: The body of your report should include information from the following outline:   Introduction/Executive Summary [10 marks]The internet is a major resource in the modern world especially in facilitating communication and information search.

It is estimated that about half of the world population has access to the internet today thanks to major developments in the field of ICT, which has resulted in making the internet more accessible and cheaper (Internet Live Stats). Internet access is expected to grow further having risen from 1% in 1995 (Internet Live Stats). In institutions of learning, the internet is a useful resource that every learning institution must provide to its learning community. In the modern world, the internet can be considered a basic commodity especially in democratic countries where access to information is a basic right for every student.

At Academies Australasia, access to information is a basic right for every student and employee. Therefore, the failure to make this information easily accessible is contrary to our philosophy. In order to promote this philosophy, the current project seeks to install a wireless access point in a network environment for each computer lab in the institution. The project will comprise of purchasing and configuring a wireless adapter in every computer lab.

A password will then be set up to prevent unauthorized access to the network. Computing devices with wireless capabilities such as laptops with Wifi connectivity can then access the network without requiring cabling. The wireless adapter to be installed must handle at least 100 devices at a time while allowing for speedy internet connectivity at 130mps.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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