Equity and Adequacy of Education – Assignment Example

The paper "Equity and Adequacy of Education" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. Education Equity and Adequacy are two very highly discussed terms. Each of these plays a very essential role in education as for a number of years there have been a number of differences in the amount of money that is spent on the education of children in public schools. Schools have had a number of variances in the amounts that they can spend per child. Educational Equity or an equitable system refers to taxing of all communities at similar rates as well as providing them with access to similar revenues for each student (Ladd, Chalk and Hansen, 1999). This concept requires that all schools across every district are given the same resources for every student. There have been a number of issues on this aspect of schooling. These issues have been based on both districts as well as student levels. A very good example of this is the Texas school finances cases. Education Adequacy states that the constitutions need the educational systems to need to be of definable levels and require a minimum quality that needs to be maintained. Every student requires to be provided with a minimum level of education and quality education. Comparing the two concepts, it is seen that there is an overlap between the two theories. Take an example to compare the two. Assuming that the adequate funding per student per year is $10,000 and if the school only has $5,000 per student per year. This would then classify as a perfectly equitable system however it will be considered to be an inadequate one (Kauffman, 2009). However, if the cost per student per year is $10,000, also if in some district $15,000 per student per year while other states have $10,000 then the system would be adequate however it would not be equitable. Thus it depends on every district and every school for a clear comparison of the two concepts.