Environmental Impact – Assignment Example

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The paper "Environmental Impact" is a wonderful example of an assignment on environmental studies. The initiation of any construction activities will certainly lead to environmental pollution compared to non constructed areas. However, the replacement of existing conventional structures with the green and environmentally friendly technologies would be of immense use in saving of the energy. In 2005, New York City instructed the city's capital building projects to design and construct in such a manner so as to meet the standards prescribed in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating systems formulated by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).   Hence in the present project, i.e.

the development of land from 135th to 141st St west of the campus requires acquiring new land and displacing and demolishing existing businesses and residences and it saves the significant amount of energy. The construction of new residence hall and parking garage will provide space for more number of people than the earlier structure and the energy would be saved by the use of less use of cement and iron that reduces the pressure on mining activities and hence reduce the atmospheric pollution.

Similarly, the higher use of plant products will make the reduced radiation and energy loss and by using natural paints the environmental pollution and would be reduced. The new project should strictly follow the environmental quality norms prescribed by CEQR (City Environmental Quality Review) from time to time. The environmental conservation actions should be strictly followed for the conservation of water and conventional energy resources. Moreover, the Installation of solar panels should be preferred for reducing the burden on electricity and hence enhances the energy use efficiency.

At the same time, the rain water harvesting on the roof must be followed for higher groundwater recharge. The present experiment requires the collection of the data related to energy attributes the involved in cthe construction of old and new structures. The data related to energy conservation includes following regular observations on The emission rate of radiation from the structures used in old and new structuresCooling effect in side the roomsThe heat loss will be measured in the form of fabric heat loss and ventilation heat lossGroundwater recharge rate in old and new structures (before and after construction)Environmental load due to materials used in ld and new structures (This includes the cumulative effect of pollutants released due to the production of all the materials used in the construction.

The equipment required for collection of the data related to energy attributes is as follows: 1. Solar radiation meter2. Room thermometers3. Fabric Heat Loss = U Value X Area X Temperature Difference(Watts) (w/m2 0C) (m2) (oC)  4. Ventilation Heat Loss = Room Volume X Air Change Rate X Temperature Difference X Ventilation Factor(Watts) (m3) (Qty) (oC) (w / m3 0C) 5.

U-value meter (for measuring heat transmission coefficients) (Sorensen, 2010)6. Continuous gas detection system (for pollutant gas emission rate)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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