Checklist for Preparing a Procedures Manual – Assignment Example

The paper "Checklist for Preparing a Procedures Manual" is an excellent example of a business assignment.
 A checklist is defined as a “comprehensive list of important or relevant actions, or steps to be taken in a specific order. Not to be confused with a checksheet” (Business Dictionary, 2011, par. 1). Thereby, in the preparation of an effective procedures manual, the following crucial elements must be included in the planning stage prior to preparation:
1. Identification of Project Profile and Objectives
[ ] basis for proposed project profile accurately identified
[ ] objectives of the proposed project clearly defined
[ ] title for the proposed procedures manual effectively created
[ ] details of summary page well thought of and conceptualized
2. Potential User/s of the Proposed Manual
[ ] user or audience for the proposed manual is identified and established
[ ] benefits of knowing one’s audience is appropriately determined
3. The Solution
[ ] the end result or outcome of the proposed procedures manual is effectively
conceptualized and written
[ ] processes or steps are briefly enumerated
4. Detailed Procedural Requirements for Implementation
[ ] implementation steps or procedures detailed and enumerated
[ ] brief explanation for rationalizing importance of each step is indicated
5. Major Benefits
[ ] benefits and advantages for the proposed manual are indicated
6. Author Information
[ ] relevant information to attest to author’s qualifications and competence to develop
the procedures manual must be indicated
7. Document Design Elements
[ ] design elements creatively chosen and strategically established for implementation
Document Design Elements Used in the Procedures Manual
1. A logo image must be effectively chosen to be appropriate for the procedures manual. Since the proposed procedures manual suggests a software program that would enhance recruitment process, the logo of HR for human resources is chosen as the most apt design for the manual.
2. Color background that is envisioned for the procedures manual is light gray to indicate professionalism and formality in structural design.
3. A thin lined border design would add emphasis on the contents and add formality in the structure.
4. A standard essay font of Times New Roman is to be used all throughout the manual to indicate formality and conformity to literary structure.
5. Spacing is double spaced for clarity of presentation and ease accorded to the users of the manual.
6. Listing in the detailed procedural requirements is numbered while benefits of the proposed manual structured in bullets. The detailed procedural requirements are supposed to be followed in consecutive order, thus the need for numbering. The benefits, however, are not numbered because there is no prioritization of advantages noted.

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