The Great Gatsby – Assignment Example

The paper "The Great Gatsby " is a wonderful example of a literature assignment. This book is very enlightening about the way Americans see the American Dream and the right way to behave. It’s hard to blame Gatsby for attempting to win Daisy by impressing her with his material wealth because this seems to be the way most people in today’s society think you define success. Women get dressed in expensive clothes and do everything they can to make it look as if they came from the kind of family Daisy came from and guys spend every penny they have trying to look like they make more than they really do. People run around buying everything on credit so that they can have this appearance even if they really don’t make that kind of money. Everything is about appearances and there’s almost no substance anymore. In order to impress people these days, you have to drive a high-dollar vehicle like a Mercedes or a Lexus or at least drive something brand new or different like Gatsby’s yellow car. You have to own a house with decent square footage or a really cool apartment with all the new gadgets and you have to have the latest in technology in all areas of your life, from your car stereo to your cell phone if you want to be taken seriously. In the end, though, no one takes the time to develop deeper qualities because they’re too busy making sure they look like they have them. Gatsby had all the wealth he needed, but he still spent a great deal of energy and time collecting things that would impress other people, he didn’t really spend any time working to improve himself. Daisy had everything she could want and more. Since she had it all, she could look like she had it all and she was bored with everything else. Society works on the appearance and then provides no direction once the ideal has been reached. That’s what was the central idea of the book to me. It wasn’t that these characters were so flawed because they each achieved a high degree of success. The problem was that once they’d achieved the ideal, there was nowhere left for them to go. The American Dream is seen as empty because it provides no outlet for human connection.