English for Effective Communication – Assignment Example

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The paper "English for Effective Communication" is a good example of an assignment on English. The regulations governing academic integrity and student discipline are designed in order to keep the students informed about their limitations pertaining studies at the university. These rules also make the students know about the rights and expectations of the university that it keeps with its students. The aim of these regulations is to make sure that the students study at the university by keeping in mind that the university wants them to gain knowledge from the university by appropriate means.

The regulations also inform about the dire consequences that will be there if the students fail to fulfill the expectations of the university. The style of the regulations is quite straight forward and simple as the university is not interested in complicating the regulations so that the students can read and comprehend them without any difficulty. The university makes sure that the students keep the academic integrity of the university in their minds while taking any academic action. The regulations inform the students that copying, cheating, plagiarizing, misconduct or any other non-academic act will not be ensured by the administration of the university and there will be adverse and unsympathetic results for the students in case of any non-academic behavior.

Not only the students but also the teaching staff and other university administration is informed about their roles that they should perform when they find a student ignoring the regulations designed for him/her. The administration is given right for taking suitable actions keeping in view the extremity of student’ s violation of regulations. In terms of format, the regulations are described in a manner that is connected.

The regulations are given in point format and are linked to one another. The regulations are given in point format but they are explicitly explanatory. Dear Customer, Thanks for your letter. The complaints from our customers are a way through which, we are able to improve ourselves and our provided services due to which, we always appreciate any complaints and queries from our customers and try to solve all problems faced by customers. With the complaints, we not only know where we are lacking but also where further improvements are requirements.

We received your complaint regarding our bus service and we think it our utmost responsibility to look into the matter in order to facilitate the bus passengers. We have designed laws and regulations for our bus drivers which are required to be followed. Our buses usually travel with a gap of 15 minutes. However, in rush hours, we facilitate bus passengers with extra buses. In addition, we do not allow our buses to travel together but there can be situations due to which, they can be together.

Traffic disruptions can be one of the situations due to which, our designed schedule can be violated to some extent by bus drivers. We also restrict our drivers to respond to passenger signals. In order to complain about a bus driver, the passengers are required to note the registration number of the buses as for evaluating the complaints and investigate the matter fully, registration numbers are required. However, the timing of the bus is also helpful in getting to the bus driver who is responsible for causing the complaint.

All these factors are kept to be in the investigation in order to remove the complaint and to assess the matter. It is also ensured that the bus drivers and other employees follow the rules designed by the company’ s administration. The buses that are without any passengers are usually out of service and the tag of “ Out of Service” is also placed. We try to help the passengers in all possible ways and also make sure that we become a reason for the passengers’ facilitation and not a disturbance.

However, when there are any complaints, we try out best to solve the problems faced by passengers in order to ensure an accommodating service that is regarded as supportive by people. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will look into the matter in order to secure from any further trouble or inconvenience. We ensure you that you will have quality service in the future without any complaint. Sincerely, Customer Complaints Officer

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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