English as the National Language – Assignment Example

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The paper "English as the National Language" is an outstanding example of an assignment on sociology. For a long time, America, though the majority of its citizens speak English, has not had a national language. Attempts have been made to make English the national language but they have not succeeded with some people advocating for Spanish which has a 12% of the population using it. With over 300 different languages spoken in America, it would be necessary to have a common language that would enhance communication between the various native language speaking populations (Mark 2004).

This essay is a critical evaluation of the consequences of making English America’ s national language. Many nations around the world have English as their national language. If the same was done in America, it would reduce the cost of doing business by reducing the cost of translating different languages that are spoken while delivering services (Bertram 2003). It would also improve interaction between various communities promoting peace and nationality. The government would find it easy to operate since using one language would enhance the process of service delivery.

It would make it easy for those citizens wishing to invest in foreign countries that use English as their main language because it would be easy for them to penetrate the markets without difficulty. Proponents of this scheme argued that by making English be the national language, illegal immigrants would be discouraged since they would be required to learn it before they could be accommodated in the society (Mark 2004). On the other hand, opponents of this scheme say that personal life will not be affected.

Whether it is made the national language or not, their status will remain the same. The only beneficially is the government. This scheme would have a negative impact on the population that does not speak English. It may lead to discrimination in their areas of work subject to the language barrier. America is rich in foreign languages and it should protect the diversity instead of subjecting the citizens to changes that are unnecessary. Furthermore, 82% of the population already uses it together with their native languages. The use of English as a national language in America would be of advantage to the nation.

However, there are those who believe otherwise and for this plan to succeed, the different stakeholders should be involved to avoid conflict. On its part, the government should be keen on implementing this plan and it should start by introducing the plan to the Congress for approval.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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