Different Rhetorical Effects – Assignment Example

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The paper "Different Rhetorical Effects" is a wonderful example of an English assignment. The two passages detailing the effects of nuclear power plants in America are quite different in their formation and rhetoric. Passage 1 is quite straightforward and presents the benefits of nuclear power plants with adequate methods to dispose of the wastes. Passage 2 is much informative and well formatted. It presents the side effects of using nuclear power plants on human health and safety. Passage 1 is much casual in presenting the issue. It begins with the positive outlook referring to total dependence upon the nuclear power plants in America.

Then the comparison is made with many efficient other nations like Japan and France and finally its decline and the need to establish more nuclear power generating plants. The second line mentioning the percentage of power generated is a bit contradictory as it states, “ As noted earlier” in regard to current statistics. The punctuation mark of (, ) has also been used at places before the word “ and” which is illogical. The word “ generated” is also used in the same line twice which gives an unprofessional look.

In the third line of the same passage – “ Yet the number of nuclear plant” also has a discrepancy of the usage of the word “ plant” instead of “ plants” . The last line is too disruptive as the information in the bracket is of no use here at all. Moreover, the continuation of the concluding line without capitalizing the initial letter makes the sentence un-understandable in the first instance. But overall the message is produced with a few discrepancies in rhetoric.

It is a general paragraph form of writing, jotting down all the essential points and mentioning one statistical detail to make it look authentic. The passage 2 is much convincing and effective and is written in a report form with all the details and personal statements included. The introducing line itself opens the place, the people involved in the passage with the agenda and their respective attitudes. This type of rhetoric style gives the hint to the reader what the passage intends to present. The foremost line of the detail is too complex to understand comprising three details.

It is an example of a complex sentence structure but needs the punctuation signs to be put to comprehend it better. It gives the details upon the present condition of nuclear power plants in the country, the consequential emotional response of the mob and the side effects of the nuclear reactivity. The percentage statistics concerning the state itself is always better than to give the extra details of other states as done in passage 1. The arguments of Cheney are paradoxical statements a typical political response.

He steadfastly and confidently points out in his first statement that nuclear power plant “ is the safest industry” and then finally concludes with the contradictory statement on radioactive waste that, “ if we’ re going to go forward with nuclear power, we need to find a way to resolve it” . And lastly, the report is clearly concluded with the hazardous effects of the waste of nuclear plants. It can be clearly seen in the two passages that although the passage 1 presents the idea clearly but lacks attention and grip of the reader as all are well acquainted with the harmful effects of the nuclear power plants which are not discussed.

While, passage 2 is much more convincing and presents the present scenario of the country using nuclear plants, their side effects as well as needs to reform the problem. It is a thought-provoking passage with personal statements which is lacking in passage 1. 

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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