Soccer vs. Football – Assignment Example

The paper "Soccer vs. Football" is a delightful example of an assignment on sport and recreation. Association football is a team sport and is more commonly recognized or known as either ‘soccer’ or ‘football’ which is played between two teams each comprising of eleven players. This sport is considered to be the most popular sport in the world. The modern game that was recognized in England led to the formation of ‘The Football Association’ that framed the laws of how the sport is played today. Football, which means kicking the ball with the foot and at the same time attempting to score a goal, is also widely known as “soccer.” The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) governs football internationally and a very prestigious competition called the FIFA World Cup is held once in every four years and is played on a grassy field which may be natural or artificial. Though the standard number is eleven players in a team, yet this game can be played with fewer or even more players. The game has a well-defined area and to score a goal, the opposing team has got to kick the ball towards the goal area and then kick it directly into the goal while being defended by players from the opposite team. There are many laws that restrict the movement of the players on the field. A more detailed description of football is given in Francis Willughby’s Book of Games, written in about 1660 and his very first law on football was -"they must not strike [an opponents leg] higher than the ball". Soccer which is high energy deviant or adaptation of football and it is more fun to watch as well as play. Almost all countries around the globe have an international soccer team because the game has gained such popularity. One of the best teams in the world is the German National Football Team.