Emergancy Management (pre-assignment Day 3) – Assignment Example

Assume you are the Emergency Manager in your community. Describe the hazard to your community that in your opinion the represents the greatest risk to the community. What is it about this hazard that creates such a risk?
The hazard that represents the greatest risk in my community is the earthquake. An earthquake refers to a sudden and abrupt energy release in the crust of the earth that leads to the production of seismic waves. Earthquakes are caused by various factors like collision of the tectonic plates, volcanic activities and massive landslides. They always result in massive destruction of lives and property.
What is it about this hazard that creates such a risk?
Earthquakes bring the following effects to human settlement that poses a significant risk to my community,
Human impacts
Earthquakes cause physical injuries, life losses and damages human infrastructures. Floods that may arise from a blockage made by a landslide as a cause of the earthquake may lead to disease infestation in an area affecting the health of the humans living in those regions.
Landslides and avalanches
Earthquakes lead to slope instability leading to a massive movement of land masses known as landslides. These tend to cause a lot of damages in areas where they happen. Landslides also reduce accessibility affecting rescue missions.
Earthquakes in most cases damage electrical power lines and gas lines leading to massive fires that causes a lot of destruction and loss of lives.
Earthquake is a very harmful and destructive hazard that affects humans in a great deal; they are accompanied by massive destruction of property, loss of lives and triggers other physical phenomena that affect humans.
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