How Privacy, Productivity, and Professionalism at the Workplace Can Be Achieved by Employing Proper Mail Guidelines – Assignment Example

Assignment One Memo to the upper management regarding how privacy, productivity and professionalism at the workplace can be achieved by employing proper mail guidelines.
To: The Upper Level Management
From: Lawrence Mason
Date: September 25, 2014
Subject: Communication and Professionalism
As you are all aware, competence, reliability, honesty and integrity are examples of the core values on which our organization operates. Similarly, we are driven by the urge to support our colleagues and to maintain focus in all our work as that does not only boost our productivity but also provides us with the opportunity to maintain professionalism. In the recent past nevertheless, the integrity and professionalism of our organization has been subjected to public scrutiny, due to the mail scandal that has been brought to the limelight by Wikileaks.
In my capacity as the Corporate Affairs Manager of Stratfor, I wish to remind all of us that we do have the responsibility to maintain and uphold the status of our institution, which has always been known for its effectiveness. In light of this, therefore, I am putting forward the following recommendations to act as guidelines and to ensure that we perfect the art of using electronic mail as a way of our daily communication. For starters, it is of great significance for us to ensure that we maintain formality in the course of our email communications. We can accomplish this by primarily putting down a draft copy of whatever we want to put across, before the final copy. Similarly, we can achieve this by only sending the emails to the required recipients as this would ensure that privacy is maintained, and the contents of the mail do not leak to unintended persons.
It is also far-reaching for us to ensure that we stick to the content of the mail. This could be achieved by ensuring that we always chose the correct subject matter and that we keep it purely work related. To this effect, I bring to your attention that the use of inappropriate language in the course of writing work related mails should be outdated. The language used in our emails should be formal, and this should include proper grammar and correct spelling. In as much as we all understand that we should proof read our mails before clicking on the send button, I would also like to encourage you to avoid the use of capital letters in writing your work related emails. This is because capital letters are just too loud and are considered as rudeness to the recipient. We should develop the tendency of addressing and signing of our mails well, and this includes providing either your title and office extension just in case the recipient may need some clarification or may have something to put across. Finally, we should avoid irrelevance and stick to the point as this would enable us be brief.
Professionalism is important within any work environment for several reasons. One being the fact that it ensures the long-term success of the business be it small or large. Similarly, privacy is of significance as it takes the load off the employeess shoulders making them dedicate their time to improving the productivity of the organization. I presume true the fact that the above mentioned strategies will help in minimizing conflict with the market that we have so diligently served for a considerable duration, will promote our position among our peers and earn us respect as well.
In conclusion, I draw your attention to the 2012 Barclays London mail scandal in which veteran banker and their former CEO Bob Diamond lost his position. In the aftermath of the scandal, Barclays share reduced in value by a record a fifth, between June and July 2012 (Reuters Peter Apps). Financially, the scandal cost it $450 million. News of the World-Sunday still remains one of the organizations that was worst hit by mail scandals as it was forced to close down its operation in Britain after it was revealed that its senior management had something to do with phone hacking. That it just how dangerous mail scandals can be.
In the wake of this unfortunate revelations that have faced our company, I wish to encourage all of us to embrace integrity, and live in the spirit of Stratfor, as this would ensure that we accomplish our goals and objectives.
Thank You.
Assignment Two
Email to employees outlining how the new mail strategies will be implemented and enforced.
To: Lawrence Mason (
Cc: All other mail addresses of the recipients, who in this case are my colleagues at Stratfor
Subject: Email and Professionalism
Dear All,
In light of the incident where Wikileaks has brought to the limelight the content of some unfortunate emails that were exchanged among a section of our employees, I would like to relay to you the following information on behalf of the management. One, each employee should make an attempt of ensuring that they maintain formality while handling any work related emails. Similarly, we should stick to the subject matter and ensure that we avoid the use of inappropriate language when making any form of communication through mail. In like manner, we should ensure that we use proper grammar and spelling while conveying any message. To ensure that a repetittion of the same does not happen, Stratfor Corporation has contracted the services of our Internet Service Provider, to help us with the implementation and enactment of the above-mentioned strategies.
I look forward to your sincere corporation.
Kind Regards
Lawrence Mason
Corporate Affairs Manager
Apps, Peter. In Modern Scandal, an e-mail is forever. Reuters. 11 July 2012.