Electric Bariatric Lift Machine – Assignment Example

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The paper "Electric Bariatric Lift Machine" is a wonderful example of an assignment on nursing.   Electric Bariatric Lift- an Electric Bariatric Lift is an equipment used to transfer more than average heavy patient from their bed to a wheelchair or toilet or to another point and back.   Gait Belt- A gait belt is an assistive device used to transfer the partially supportive and cooperative patient from chair to bed and vice verse assist him in repositioning during patient care.   Sit to stand patient lift – A Sit to stand patient lift the device helps mobile the patient to transit from standing position to sitting when they cannot do so on their own with little assistance from the caregiver.

Definition-Electric Bariatric Lift is an equipment used to transfer more than average heavy patient from their bed to a wheelchair or toilet or to another point and back.   Purpose-This document is prepared to enlighten nursing student on an important patient care device in a surgical ward.   The student needs this information prior to placement in this ward as it regards to handling a critical patient who needs special attention.

Students will be exposed to this unique device only found in operating rooms and surgical wards. Proper handling and decision to use the equipment is paramount to nursing student handling critically ill patients. Nursing students introduced to critical care practices need a thorough understanding of the risk and challenges of handling patients in this condition. As opposed to other nursing practices, handling the heavy patient who is critically ill and unsupportive is a challenge that requires special patient lift assistance devices to which a student must understand before actual placement and commence of ward rotation.

Background- A bariatric electric lift is an important heavy patient lifting device that is necessary for the emergency room, surgical ward and operating room. This heavy-duty device allows the caregiver to lift the heavy patient from the ground to the bed and vice verse.   The device facilitates the transfer of a critically ill heavy patient from one point to another with a lot of ease and comfort.   With the large sling, the patient is kept comfortable while on the transfer. The device has head support and allows the patient to use the toilet while seated with no possibility of creating harm.

The bariatric electric lift has four attachment points for lift slings hooking (Keiro. org, 2018). The equipment can lift up to 700 pounds the heaviest possible patient. The equipment is fitted with four friction casters that rotate freely to all direction as per the control making mobility easy as per the user's direction. Large handles enable the caregiver to easily control and move the device as desired. In addition, the electric bariatric machine has a unique sturdy and robust design with power operated base for convenience.

The wide lop-sly allow a big sized patient to use the machine without feeling squeezed. The spreader which is interchangeable allows flexibility. The bariatric list is important equipment for critical for a heavy patient who needs maximum care. A nurse needs to understand and effectively use the equipment for the maximum benefit of both the patient and the nurse. Heavy patient lifting without such a machine is a risk to the nurse as it may result in occupational injuries.

Heavy patient handling needs extra support without which risk of hospital injuries is very high. The lift comes with a full set comprising the rift, slings remote and manual for easy installation and ready to use.   Overview - the electric bariatric lift has excellent wide base providing stability required for heavy patient lifting. Its wide cradle can rotate through 3600 to enable users to transfer a patient with safety and comfort (Keiro. org, 2018). The lift can hold up the patient up to 74.5'' for high transfer purpose.

The equipment is easy to use as it has a rechargeable battery for power storage. There are other simple bariatric lifts for use at homes and patient care centers where electric bariatric lift may not be affordable (Keiro. org, 2018).   With technological advancement, the electric bariatric lift machine is far much better for use in a hospital as compared to the old hydraulic bariatric lift. More advanced electric bariatric lift such as bariatric Hoyer Power lift is more adjustable and universal making use with large population regardless of body size. Instead of having the common bariatric electric lift that is designed for heavy and big body patient, the later is more adjustable accommodating all patients regardless of weight and body size.

Despite being expensive, the bariatric electric lift is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Its shape allows minimum space utilization reducing congestion in the word. Space economics, reliability ease of operation and maximum safety make this device an important toll in the nursing room with patients who have mobility challenges. The use of bariatric lift reduces stress on the caregiver, reduces the number of caregivers needed to the transferee the patient from one point to another and increases patient transit safety.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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