El Nio-Southern Oscillation – Assignment Example

The paper "El Niño-Southern Oscillation" is an outstanding example of an assignment on environmental studies. Many people understand that the term El Nino is associated with floods around the world. This is one part of what is called El Nino Southern Oscillation or ENSO. This phenomena usually happens in the tropical part of the Pacific Ocean, and the full event happens about every five years or so. The ENSO can also cause droughts and other weather problems that can severely impact the areas that rely on fishing for their living. What happens in this event is that the El Nino side of the ENSO is an oceanic process that can warm or cool the surface waters in the tropical Eastern part of the Pacific. The Southern Oscillation part is the atmospheric part of this process and it changes the surface pressure in the waters that are in the tropical Western part of the Pacific. When El Nino is at work, the Pacific Ocean will have higher surface pressures, and when El Nina (the smaller part of El Nino) is in effect, the surface pressures are lower. No one really understands why El Nino happens, but they know it has something to do with the trade winds. They know that there are different types of trade winds that work together and do different things to create the problems that El Nino can cause. As an example, the Walker circulation which is actually a model of airflow which creates a vertical motion in the tropics. They circulate because of the different heat distribution between what is felt on land and what is felt in the ocean. These two work together to circulate this vertical flow. Kelvin waves are warm also and they create a warm water pool across South America. This means that the Pacific Ocean acts as a heat reservoir and it can create a different type of weather depending on the other circumstances that happen on a global level.  References
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