The Most Valuable Skill a Student Needs – Assignment Example

The paper "The Most Valuable Skill a Student Needs " is a great example of an English assignment. Aggressive drivers see driving as competition than a means of getting from one point to the other. They move from lane to lane and try to take advantage of any situation that will let them move ahead of others, while most drivers try to move along with the flow of traffic. They are also likely to tailgate and honk unnecessarily so as to intimidate others and to move them along faster. During heavy traffic, they behave dangerously, like passing on the right and using utility or turn lanes as driving lanes, and ignoring traffic lights. Curiously, they are proud of their driving skills and think that other cautions drivers are the ones who create the problem, and not them. The National Academies’ Institute of Medicine recommends one hour of total physical activity per day, such as walking, stair-climbing, or swimming. Most Americans could not meet this, and they are in fact trying to fulfill the previous guidelines of thirty minutes of physical activity. They would have found it easy to exercise for an hour, without cars and labor-saving devices. At present, most Americans lead a sedentary lifestyle – they sit at their work desk, come back home and stay in front of the TV or computer. Even those who try to do exercises complain that they do not have sufficient time for it. The most valuable skill a student needs is to develop focus. The focus is the ability to concentrate on something for a long time without getting distracted by anything else. If one can focus on homework or test, she will not be distracted by any noise or disturbance. The ability to focus varies from person to person. Some can have laser-like on what they do while others get easily distracted and lose focus. However, like any other, the ability to focus can be developed through proper learning and reinforcement through practice. Setting aside a particular time and place for studies will help one focus more. One can also reward oneself if the criteria for focus are met. If noises distract one too much, s/he could use earplugs. The ability to focus is a necessary skill and this can be improved with effort.