Effects of War and Terrorism in Visual Media – Assignment Example

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  The paper "    Effects of War and Terrorism in Visual Media" is a good example of an assignment on journalism and communication. Part A. Currently, the world is experiencing problems especially those related to security. Despite the implementation of policies guarding human rights and security as well as introduction of new techniques, there are still other countries experiencing war and terrorism. Given that the topic involves sensitive issues, it will be more appropriate to utilize film media in narrating the story. Incorporation of visual media is ideal since the audience will be able to acquire a feel of the extent with which war and terrorism affects people. Given that the story covers a broad issue, it will be a relatively long story of about two-hour plays.

The story will be structured in six significant stages, upon which the first will involve the setup followed by the new position involving war and terror. The third stage will involve the progress of the condition. This segment will include the various developments that have been made over recent years in the selected location for the story. The fourth stage will cover complications and higher stakes.

At this point, the story will incorporate issues relating to how the various strategies employed to limit these issues became more complicated due to various constraints. Stage five will involve the final push which marks the climax of the story. Stage five takes part anywhere from 0.9 points to the last minutes of the film. Finally, the last stage will involve the aftermath. In order to successfully complete the story, one requires guidance and assistance from relevant personnel including the lecturer who will help in reviewing the entire story while giving comments on respective changes to be made in each section. Since the story focuses on a delicate issue, the tone to be used is a sincere tone.

The sincerity within the story would facilitate the narrator to place emphasis on the most significant areas as well as work on the storytelling skills more effectively. Part B. Information for the story will be collected from news websites including ABC, CNN, The Forbes Magazine and BBC. These news stations provide relevant information on war and terrorism as they do have worldwide coverage on such events.

Additionally, the information acquired from these sources is reliable and effective for use in story writing. Muhammad is a young man full of ambition and potential in Burundi. He has five younger siblings with whom they live together in a small village together with their parents. One evening, they hear a loud bang from outside followed by several gunshots in the air. Unluckily, his entire was murdered while he was hiding by some men in police uniform. Bounded by the fury and rage within him, he decides to join a group of vigilantes who opt to protect their families by killing other people who killed their families.

As the years go by, Muhammad climbs up the hierarchy and becomes the chief general of the group. He agrees to marry a young beautiful woman with whom they bore six children. Unfortunately, after arriving back home from a mission in another country, he finds his family killed once again by the same men who killed his parents and siblings. The story ends with Muhammad vowing to avenge the death of his family using more force and severe measures.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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