Educating and Disciplining Children or Students – Assignment Example

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The paper "Educating and Disciplining Children or Students" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. The article concerns the case was the Minnesota State failed to educate minority and poor children.   The sentiment expressed by the members of the public saw the civil rights attorney taking matters to court by using the state for negligence and biases.   Segregation has been rampant at the state of Minnesota and the meeting was called to iron out the integration plan and set remedies to address the issues.   The lawsuit also proposed a solution by rewarding boundaries.

Attorney Daniel Shulman together with his son filed a lawsuit at Hennepin Country Court representing one community and seven families who cite the state misappropriation of numbers and approving policies that undermine the quality of education. Integrated schools tend to perform better than sidelined schools. Additionally, the established boundary changes have created further segregation of schools. The lawsuit also accused the authorities of using integration money inappropriately.   Punitive or Restorative” The Choice is yours" is the article concerns punitive measures when it concerns making choices when disciplining children or students.

The context can be connected within a school context on the verge of achieving academic improvement. The article touches on the increased cases of indiscipline which has exceeded the student population.   Further, the provided data from the California report indicate that discipline was the solution for a student that depicted defiant behavior. 34% of those punished received a suspension from school. Restorative approve to disciple was preferred to the traditional method. This is because opportunities are given for the offenders to make amends and be able to express remorse.

This is not offered by the traditional approach. Additionally, accountability is viewed as understanding the effect by repairing the harm and justice is identified to set obligations.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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