Importance of Clothes in Peoples Behaviour – Assignment Example

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The paper "Importance of Clothes in People’ s Behaviour" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Pebehaviorhaviour is mainly motivated by different factors like heredity and environment. But at times even the dress clothes can influence the behavior of people. For example, a police officer or a military officer may be more duty conscious when they wear their uniforms. In civil dress, they may not be as aggressive as in uniforms. Here the dress or the uniform made them aware of their duties and responsibilities. In schools, uniforms are implemented for students in order to avoid any discrimination in feelings as far as dresses are concerned.

A well-dressed student often creates jealousy among others and in order to avoid such things uniforms are implemented in schools. “ The thrust of organizational management of employees dress is that the appearance of employees communicates something about the organization. ” (Rafael) Marketing executives or sales representatives often wear formal dresses in order to convince the clients. A well-dressed executive often creates a better impression of the organization among others and hence they will respond positively to such executives.

On the other hand, a poorly dressed executive may not get a positive response from the clients even if he represents a reputed organization and smarter than the other well-dressed executive. Clothes can change the behavior of a person. Even a beggar will change his behavior if he gets an opportunity to be well dressed. Police and military personnel often react differently when they are in their uniforms. People will get better confidence when they were well dressed and will behave differently compared to how they behaved in normal dresses.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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