Do People Choose Whom They Are Attracted To – Assignment Example

The paper "Do People Choose Whom They Are Attracted To" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Human beings are very different from all other animals in brains and or psyche which are highly developed and complicated in the world. Human beings are constantly thinking and constructing specific own favorites or choices. The word “choose” is interpreted as finding a life partner in this essay. People want to find a special one to live with for the last of their lives. Finding someone is not random, but they are attracted to. It is an instinct and natural instinct. However, human beings make many different choices and not only partners but they do choose what is right and what is wrong, i.e. they make decisions. However, in some cultures in the world, parents or elders choose partners for their sons and in some occasions their daughters. Looking for someone who is attractive is a natural behavior and that is the first thing among many other traits. The meaning of attraction is good-looking and it is not the only appearance but what they do or how they behave. People like to get close to something they love and to put away things they hate. Attraction does not mean that a woman has to be beautifully faced and glamorously bodied, and a man has to be handsome and have a masculine body but character traits that are positive, make attraction to be better, stronger and meaningful. But it is very different among individuals, for instance, someone may like a tall partner as a husband or wife, but others do not care about height. In this case, one will select a tall partner as a lifetime partner. Taking another example, someone is favorable only to rich people, but others see the partner’s potential or personality. Regular and poor partners will not be in their sight. It is also important to note that some choices are influenced by parents, relatives, friends, and peers. Individuals have different tastes, but one thing that is common is that people choose what they like which they could want to have a long time with. In conclusion, people choose what or who they are attracted to for the reason that they will accept later-life outcomes or consequences and they will adjust accordingly to fit into one another’s needs and demands.