Casey Anthony Case – Assignment Example

The paper "Casey Anthony Case" is a perfect example of a law assignment.
The blog concerns the case of Casey Anthony, who is undergoing trial for the alleged murder of her daughter, Caylee. The author contends that the accused possesses all traits of a sociopath and psychopath as per the criteria defined by the Canadian Psychologist, Robert D Hare, in his book “Hare Scale of Psychopathy.” Thus, he strongly believes that there is a high possibility that if sentenced, she may commit suicide “as an act of controlling her own death on her own terms” (Glass par. 1).
The author dubs Casey Anthony as a person who craves media attention and flaunts herself in colorful attires and different hairdos. He also claims that once she is sentenced, she will lose all the attention and will have to remain confined to her cell, spending the days in loneliness and boredom. This is the reason why he concludes that there is all likelihood that the woman will commit suicide if she were to receive a sentence.
Critique of the Source:
The author has convincingly advocated the case of Casey Anthony as a candidate to commit suicide if sentenced for death row. The main reason is that she wants to control her death and let it be in her own terms than the authorities taking it as a means of punishing her. The author’s arguments are convincing as he uses a balanced tone for stating his logic and reasoning.
He also does a good job in explaining why he thinks he considers Casey Anthony as a case of sociopath and psychopath and deploys a valid source in psychology for supporting his inferences. The author also mentions the specific criteria for determining the elements of the above traits in an individual.