The Importance of College Education – Assignment Example

The paper "The Importance of College Education " is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment.  A college education goes beyond the learning that occurs from listening to the different professors that teach s. In college a gets the unique opportunity to meet hundreds of individuals that have similar career aspirations. Bonding with students in class and throughout campus is an integral part of the learning experience in college. Students in college often discuss current affairs as well as the knowledge gained in the classroom with other people. The opportunity to work together in classroom projects gives students the chance to improve their teamwork skills. Teamwork has become a critical success factor in today's fast-paced working environment. When students work together in groups they brainstorm ideas, think critically, and utilize their problem-solving skills. Being enrolled in college implies that you are part of the student alumni. Participating in social gatherings such as sporting events, theater plays, arts, and music festivals is a great way for students to bond as a united community. There are many opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom. The library is a location that has an archive of knowledge in books and other resources that can be very useful for performing research and gathering knowledge. In most universities, there are typically weekly seminars available on different topics given by private companies and public agencies. Students often discuss these learning opportunities and to get motivated they go with other fellow friends to these types of educational activities. College is a great opportunity for students to create a network of professional contacts. These contacts can be invaluable in the future since 60% to 90% of jobs are found through friends, relatives, personal contacts, and direct application.