The Story of an Hour – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Story of an Hour" is a wonderful example of an assignment on literature. My initial reaction to "Girl" was, "What is the purpose of this story? " My first reaction to "The Story of an Hour" was that it was a beautiful story. I did not like "Girl" because it did not have anything interesting in it and it seemed more like someones "to do" list. I could not relate to the main character because they had no substance. I liked "The Story of an Hour" the best because it seemed to me to be a full story.

It was interesting and had a surprise ending. I also liked the fact that it was written at a time when women really had no say so they had to find interesting ways to be heard. In this case, the woman found a way out of a stifling relationship, although it was a very sad way to find her freedom. 2. The girl did not make sense to me. It seemed to be about a girl that was being told how to act and what to do but because it was just a list, it was not interesting.

In "The Story … " I was surprised at the irony of her death. She had found freedom when her husband was dead, but she had to die in order to get real freedom from him in the end. 3. I think that "The Story. . " was my idea of a story. It had a beginning, middle, and end. It was interesting and it was well written. The reader could actually "see" what was happening and feel the emotions that Mrs.

Mallard felt. I think that all stories should have what Chopin's story had because it made it more interesting. I also think that a story should bring the reader into it quickly and keep them reading the entire time; at least these are the types of stories that I like to read.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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