War Against Terror – Assignment Example

The paper "War Against Terror" is a wonderful example of an assignment on politics. Many studies have found that the Iraq war was not a Just war, because US intention to forcefully overthrow Saddam Hussein and war on Iraq was not merely sanctioned by the UN Security Council. When US administration put in efforts to draft final resolution and failed to come with, the military action has been justified as it has already been found in a previous UN resolution, passed in November 2002, warning Iraq that it would have to face serious consequences (Russett, Starr, and Kinsella, 2009, p. 265). The US war against Iraq in 2003 was not sanctioned by UN Security Council even after Bush Administration felt to compel to seek UN approval for its military operation, but still, failure to receive it didn’t discourage US government to go ahead with war. A war that can be justified, as often described as jus ad bellum, must be a response to an aggressive act or aggressive threat and must be openly declared. A war of Just must also begin with the right intention and should be a last resort after all other options have been considered (Elshtain, p. 184). Iraq war, as generally reviewed by many media and experts, mainly after the war and when US realized that there were no ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which the US has been claiming as one major reason to invade Iraq, was not a Just war and cannot be justified with ‘jus ad bellum’. The US war against Iraq in 2003, though it was not sanctioned by UN Security Council, was claimed by the US to be based on UN resolution 1441, a previous resolution passed in 2002 November. Obviously, the UN resolution 1441 has intentionally been kept vague. From this vagueness of resolution 1441 which has been described as a sanction for Iraq war in 2003, it is clear that UN has never been in a way to prevent conflicts between nations, but rather, its chapters have eventually become supports for conflicts, or they have been misrepresented to gain wide support for the conflicts. Another evidence for the shortcoming of UN in conflict prevention is very clear from its stronger language used in Resolution 678, authorizing members states to use all necessary means, referring to the military liberation of Kuwait sovereignty. Iraq remained as a threat to security in the area. When the United States and Russia cooperating, the UN security council has been able to stop a number of civil and international war like in Namibia, but, US influence on UN remains to be a major shortcoming that has been very evident in the war against Iraq in 2003, as the US used Resolution 1441, which in turn was kept vague intentionally.