The Changing Work Roles and the Family of the US – Assignment Example

The paper "The Changing Work Roles and the Family of the US" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. The work roles and the family structure within the United s have changed drastically. This has happened because there have been economic problems for the families and the people in particular. Now more families have started to bring in their earnings with the help of the family members. The aspect of one family member earning and the others eating through him has changed. Both the husband and the wife are now part of the economic process within the home and this indeed is something that has been manifested in a very positive way nonetheless. However, there have been problems when one tries to understand the manner in which the pressures have been laid on to the families of late. They have started to rely more and more on doubling their income levels. (Author Unknown, 2008) This is because the prices of commodities the world over have increased and more so with the recent economic recession which has hit not only the United States but indeed the rest of the world as well. Consequently, the work roles, as well as the responsibility on the part of the family as a whole, have changed. The changing work roles will not stop here. These will continue to make headway in one way or the other. Economic progress or the lack of it is indeed the much important criterion for basing the changing scenarios within the work roles and the family regimes as far as the United States is concerned. The breadwinners will continue to increase. 

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